Technical Information

Find all the technical information you need to know about our Türmacher timber doors.

Crafted using advanced German engineering, our range of timber entrance doors feature outstanding performance, making them the perfect addition to your home.

What makes our timber doors so great?

  • Solid timber frame
  • Flat steel stabilizer for added stability
  • Thermally efficient core
  • Decorative veneer face
  • Super robust construction
  • Handcrafted charm
  • Passive House Certified ultra-efficient option

    Engineered to last

    Türmacher timber entrance doors are designed to last in your home.

    The doors are manufactured using a Moralt patented flat iron stabilizer, helping to enhance the stability of the doors, improving its structure and security and ensuring the doors longevity.

    The 5-ply plywood veneer face constructed from carefully selected woods adds extra strength, durability and weather resistance for an ultimate high-quality door.

    For a truly grand entrance to your home, we incorporate a solid timber frame, adding to the handcrafted charm and aesthetic of your new timber entrance door installation.

    Thermally enhanced, sound insulating design

    As timber is a poor heat conductor, our timber doors are naturally a great choice for keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.

    The construction of our doors is designed to be as thermally efficient as possible, saving energy which could result in reduced heating costs.

    The timber doors provide ultra-low U-Values and we also use double or triple glazed units for added efficiency.

    Passive House Certified

    For the ultimate energy efficient option, we provide a Passive House Certified timber door.

    This means that the doors are certified for airtightness and insulation, security classification, and wind load resistance – ideal for passive house applications.

    All our timber doors also undergo high levels of rigorous testing to meet the highest performance levels.

    Data Sheets

    FERRO KlasikPlus

    FERRO Passiv

    Moralt Door Kit

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