Whether you have designs planned for your project to protect the planet or you just want to save money on your energy bills, making environmentally conscious decisions for your home goes way beyond choosing double glazing. By making the right choice when it comes to doing your bit for the environment, reducing your carbon footprint is a great place to start. Your front door is essential for ensuring the sustainability of your project, as most of a home’s heat escapes through its doors and windows. This way, by understanding the importance of the materials you use for your projects, you can make an eco-friendly home improvement.

Why choose wood for your external wooden doors?

Wood offers innovative design options, resource efficiency and provides a low-carbon, eco-friendly alternative to your traditional building materials. It’s also a cost effective solution, as there is no need for man-made carbon capture technology, which is the process of capturing and storing carbon before it’s released into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels.

Our timber doors provide ultra-low – U-Values at less than 0.8W/m2K and the construction of our doors are designed to be as thermally efficient as possible, retaining heat and resulting in reduced energy bills. This is because timber is a poor heat conductor meaning heat doesn’t travel through it very well, so naturally, our timber doors are the perfect choice for keeping your home at an optimum temperature all year round.

Reducing CO2

Choosing an external wooden door for your eco-friendly home improvement project helps to reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere and contributes to slowing climate change. Trees capture CO2 from the atmosphere and store it as carbon, so when it is harvested and the wood from the trees are used for products like our entrance doors, they store the carbon for its entire lifespan.

Using more wood helps to decarbonise construction and when you build with wood, you are building with carbon that’s been kept away from entering the atmosphere. This means that you aren’t contributing to the use of standard materials that require lots of CO2 to be made. Making use of timber in your eco-friendly home improvement project has a positive impact on more sustainable built environments and encourages the forest industry to plant, grow and manage their trees in a more sustainable way.

External wooden doors VS PVC doors

Wothorpe Villas wooden external door

External wooden doors are stronger, more secure and more thermally efficient than PVCu alternatives. At Türmacher, all our doors are crafted using advanced German engineering offering outstanding performance, making them the perfect addition to your eco-friendly home improvement project.

When compared to PVCu doors, you can’t ignore the many benefits that timber doors provide. Timber is a natural product, that uses fewer carbon emission in manufacturing than PVC and can last as long as 60 years. Our wooden external doors offer more impressive security, thanks to the BUVA IsoStone thresholds, which are high in strength, quality, insulation and weatherproofing.

Start your next project with us

Start your eco-friendly home improvement project with our timber trade range doors. Choose from seven readily available traditional and modern designs to give your entrance authenticity and sustainability. Alternatively, we can build your doors to your exact requirements. To find out about our more premium range, feel free to give us a call on 01780 430292 and we will discuss your requirements with you.

Visit our timber door showroom to see our impressive external wooden doors in person before you buy. Alternatively, request a quote today to get the ball rolling on your eco-friendly home improvement project today and we will be happy to discuss any requirements or questions you have.

A front door is the first thing you see when you approach someone’s home. To help your customers make a lasting impression on family, friends and guests, choose from our front door options to reflect both your customer and their home. Using an external wooden door for their entrance allows a combination of style and security. With Türmacher, you have endless design options and specifications to choose from helping you to offer them a front door tailored to their home.

Trade range external wooden doors

If you’re wanting to offer clients an external wooden door, then our brand new trade range provides the perfect selection of front door options that are available in traditional and modern styles. To start off your new project, you can choose from seven readily available doors that are available in as little as 14 days. They are the perfect replacement door option for any project looking to add that wow factor, boasting thermal efficiency, security and durability. Using our standard range of external wooden doors means that you can offer your clients a fully finished front door that comes assembled in a single paint colour, engineered redwood frame and hardwood cills, as well as with 2 pairs of Rhodes & Tucker H101 Hi-Load lift off hinges to simplify the installation process.

Achieve a timeless, traditional look by offering our Cottage external wooden door to create a stunning focal point to your customer’s home. If you’re looking for a contemporary twist our Urban Modern external wooden door is the perfect, bold choice.

If you’re after a more premium option, then you can get in touch with us to discuss your exact requirements. Choose from a range of styles and designs, as well as customising your external wooden door bespoke to your home with a selection of hardware and glass options.

Offer your clients impressive curb appeal

Using an external wooden door in your project provides your clients with an entrance like no other, allowing them to make a real statement. Our front door options can’t be replicated with any other material and are crafted to your clients exact tastes, so by using our external wooden doors, you’re offering them a one-of-a-kind entrance that adds impressive curb appeal. At Türmacher, we use a range of timber materials including Mahogany, Okoume, Meranti, Oak, Pine, Spruce, Larch & Paint-grade which are sustainably sourced, using state-of-the-art German engineering to ensure that your external wooden door will last a lifetime.

Why choose Türmacher external wooden doors?

timber door showroom

Choosing a Türmacher external wooden door in your project gives you a whole realm of opportunities for your clients. Timber doors boast a robust structure, high security, great thermal and acoustic insulation and have been rigorously tested to PAS 24 certified standards. Our trade range front door options are available in sizes up to 2470mm tall and 1150mm wide, and can be made bespoke to any front door replacements that require certain specifications.

Use a Türmacher external wooden door for your next project

Get a quick quote for your next project today by getting in touch. A member of our highly experienced team will be happy to have a chat with you about any requirements or ideas you have. If you’re ready to get the ball rolling, you can request a quote and we will be back in touch as soon as we can. Why not come and visit our showroom to get a feel for our doors to try before you buy, we have a wide range of external wooden door options on display, as well as glass options and hardware for the perfect finishing touch.

At Türmacher, we can install our timber entrance doors with the BUVA IsoStone threshold. The technology of our timber doors combined with the high performance threshold gives us and property owners the confidence that the entrance door will look beautiful and perform effectively for years to come.

High performance

BUVA IsoStone Threshold Fixing

Finishing our timber doors with this high performance timber door threshold means there’s no risk of it warping or twisting, thanks to its weather resistant qualities, dimension stability and GRP structure. The BUVA IsoStone threshold won’t rot or absorb water as it is designed to prevent rot from making its way up the jambs to give your entrance doors a longer lifespan and enhanced durability.

Offering a complete solution for timber doors, the weather protection and air tightness is increased as BUVA timber door thresholds use Deventer weather and compression seals. This means that it will endure the test of time against the unpredictable British weather and everyday wear and tear, leaving your timber entrance door safe, secure and efficient for many years. Alongside this, BUVA thresholds feature an insulated thermal break, which prevents cold bridging beneath the door, keeping your property at an optimum temperature all year round thanks to the low U-Values of just 0.89 W/m2K combined with airtight seals.

Low threshold

BUVA IsoStone Thresholds

BUVA IsoStone is the perfect choice for home projects where a low threshold is required, as it has a 15mm upstand and is Part M compliant – which is the Building Regulation focusing on accessibility and ease of use for new builds and refurbishments. The state-of-the art BUVA IsoStone timber door threshold improves accessibility for wheelchair users, children, pushchairs and those with limited mobility. Low thresholds are also becoming more popular for adding a seamless finish to projects as they add a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Strong and secure

buva isostone threshold

BUVA IsoStone timber door thresholds feature a high strength twin-chamber glass reinforced plastic (GRP) structure that is practically unbreakable. This works with our robust timber doors to keep any unwanted intruders out, providing effective resistance and peace of mind.

Choose BUVA IsoStone for high performance timber entrance door

If you’re looking for the best finishing touches to improve the safety, performance, and overall efficiency of your new timber door, the BUVA IsoStone threshold is the perfect addition.

Türmacher offers a complete range of timber entrance door designs and styles that you can choose from. Browse our full range here, or get in touch with us here.

See our Instagram for more inspiration for your next home improvement project and create a stunning and secure entrance to your property.

This stunning timber door replacement project is in our home village of Kingscliffe. Our client was looking for a door replacement that would let more light into the hallway and do this stunning stone-built detached home justice.

jacqui reed door 2

Mrs Reed said:

“Living locally to Kingscliffe, we knew about Kingscliffe Joinery and their Türmacher Door brand. They have a good reputation for quality timber products.

“We moved into the property in December 2019. The house is only 7 years old, so there were very little changes we wanted to make other than the front door! The style the previous owners had chosen was very ugly, it didn’t give good kerb appeal to the house – it was just very out of place with the rest of the design features.

“We approached Paul and the Kingscliffe Joinery team to help us. As they’re just around the corner, we called into the workshop for a chat and had a really good conversation with Paul about what we were looking for. My husband had seen a few doors he liked whilst he was out and about on his bike, so Paul asked us to take some photographs of them so he could get a real understanding of the kind of thing we were looking for.

“The team were friendly, helpful and accommodating and brilliant at putting together a design that incorporated our ideas, as well as making great suggestions that could only come from experience! We were planning to add a letter to plate to the timber door slab, but Paul’s suggestion of having a letterbox on the wall instead works really well for the house.

“Unfortunately, shortly after we had finalised our design, the Covid-19 pandemic hit and lockdown meant that the workshop closed. Once Kingscliffe reopened, there were a few more delays with materials, but Paul and the team kept us in the loop with what was happening every step of the way.

“Our installation went ahead on the hottest day of the year last summer! The installation team had a bit of a job on their hands as the old door proved tricky to remove but they did a fantastic job. Everything was left clean and tidy and the following day the team came back to take care of some final details.

“We’re really pleased with our new door, and maybe it’s just village life, but we’ve even had compliments from our neighbours on how great it looks!”

The timber door which was designed for this project features three obscured glazed panels to let in the light from outside whilst maintaining privacy. The classic timber finish in Clear Lacquer gives true traditional character to this beautiful stone-built property in Kingscliffe.

jacqui reed door

If you are looking to replace your old front door with a beautiful, high-performance solid timber entrance door, get in touch with us today.

Turmacher timber doors are finished to the highest specifications, using the highest quality, sustainably-sourced timber. Our doors will last you a lifetime thanks to the state of the art German engineering, so if they’re going to be there forever, why not add some character to the front of your home with our bespoke hardware options.

Brass Bee knockers

If you want to create a standout feature for your timber door, we offer you bespoke hardware options including our most popular solid Brass Bee knocker – the perfect finishing touch. The bee knockers come in a range of finishes: heritage brass, bronze, brass, black Pewter finish (rainbow effect), nickel/chrome and rose gold. With such a wide range of options available, we can create the perfect bespoke finishing touch to your timber door, whether it complements or contrasts the front of your property, creating great kerb appeal to your home. They are available as a separate item as well as with the door, so you don’t have to decide which knocker you’d like straight away.

Bee knocker

Decorative hardware

Choosing the right handle for your timber door is important, we can offer you lever handles, centre doorknobs or pull handles – whichever suits your new door feature. Lever handles are the most classic choice as they can be designed to your liking, either classic or contemporary depending on the finish you would like. Turmacher’s hand forged steel handles are all available in a selection of designs so you can create an entrance door that’s unique to your and your home. Choose from Satin Steel for a more classic finish or Flat Black for a sleek, modern twist.

Timber replacement door

If you want to go a step further and buy a replacement timber door, these are available pre-finished in any RAL or Farrow & Ball painted colour along with a selection of stains too, so you can choose the perfect colour to match your property. Our standard colours include Ayston Grey, Cliffe White and Reinorange so you can be as bold or as subtle as you like!

Our timber doors will enhance the visual appeal of any home, from traditional timber aesthetics to contemporary designs, our doors are crafted to suit your tastes. Completed with our stunning hardware options like our brass bee knockers and lever handles, the entrance to your home can reflect the personality inside.

Start your project with us

If you are looking to add some character to your home with our selection of brass knockers, get in touch with us today. We can work closely with you so that you get the perfect finishing touch to your timber entrance door. If you want to replace your old entrance door and are interested in renovating, we can offer you a free, no obligation quote and then we can get the ball rolling from there.

When you’re creating a grand entrance to your home with a beautiful, high performance new timber entrance door, you don’t want the finishing touches to let you down. Complete the look with stunning, quality hardware that will keep your timber door looking stunning and performing excellently for years to come.

We are partnered with leading architectural ironmongers BJ Waller, ensuring our timber entrance doors will keep your home protected from any unexpected intruders, as well as against the great British weather.

decorative handle options

Decorative handles

Choosing the right handles for your timber entrance door is really important. We offer lever handles, centre door knobs or pull handles. Lever handles are a classic choice, which can be either classic or contemporary depending on the design or finish. Door knobs are a time-honoured, traditional option that create a standout feature on your timber door, while pull handles add a clean, sleek and modern twist to timber doors.

For a truly authentic timber door feature, we recommend the Stonebridge range.

The hand forged steel handles are available in a choice of designs so you can create an entrance door feature unique to you. Choose from Satin Steel for a classic finish or Flat Black for a contemporary twist.

Secure locking systems

Our German-engineered timber entrance doors are all PAS 24 certified and feature multi-point locking systems for top security, giving you peace of mind that your home is protected against any unexpected intruders.

Concealed hinges

We offer Simonswerk Tectus hinges with our timber doors. Tectus hinges are flush and concealed leaving you with a sleek entrance door with straight, clean lines.

Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, the hinges can completely blend into the background when the door is closed, and add a pop of style when the door is open.

waterproof threshold

Weatherproof thresholds

We protect all of our timber doors from the great British weather with our high strength door thresholds.

Our timber entrance doors are finished with BUVA IsoStone thresholds, which are designed to prevent rotting and will not absorb water to make for a longer lasting timber door.

As well as this, the thresholds are dimensionally stable, and won’t twist, warp, bend, bow or move.

Thanks to the twin-chamber GRP (glass reinforced plastic) structure, BUVA thresholds are practically unbreakable. The strong and highly secure thresholds can be used in top security doors for effective protection against any unexpected intruders.

BUVA IsoStone thresholds provide a 15mm upstand for easy accessibility. Low threshold entrance doors make entering and exiting the home easier for elderly people, wheelchairs, pushchairs, children and pets.

Find out more about timber entrance door hardware options

To find out more about Turmacher German-engineered timber entrance doors and our hardware options, call us on 01780 430292, or get in touch here.

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