buva isostone threshold

BUVA IsoStone door threshold

At Türmacher, we can install our timber entrance doors with the BUVA IsoStone threshold. The technology of our timber doors combined with the high performance threshold gives us and property owners the confidence that the entrance door will look beautiful and perform effectively for years to come.

High performance

BUVA IsoStone Threshold Fixing

Finishing our timber doors with this high performance timber door threshold means there’s no risk of it warping or twisting, thanks to its weather resistant qualities, dimension stability and GRP structure. The BUVA IsoStone threshold won’t rot or absorb water as it is designed to prevent rot from making its way up the jambs to give your entrance doors a longer lifespan and enhanced durability.

Offering a complete solution for timber doors, the weather protection and air tightness is increased as BUVA timber door thresholds use Deventer weather and compression seals. This means that it will endure the test of time against the unpredictable British weather and everyday wear and tear, leaving your timber entrance door safe, secure and efficient for many years. Alongside this, BUVA thresholds feature an insulated thermal break, which prevents cold bridging beneath the door, keeping your property at an optimum temperature all year round thanks to the low U-Values of just 0.89 W/m2K combined with airtight seals.

Low threshold

BUVA IsoStone Thresholds

BUVA IsoStone is the perfect choice for home projects where a low threshold is required, as it has a 15mm upstand and is Part M compliant – which is the Building Regulation focusing on accessibility and ease of use for new builds and refurbishments. The state-of-the art BUVA IsoStone timber door threshold improves accessibility for wheelchair users, children, pushchairs and those with limited mobility. Low thresholds are also becoming more popular for adding a seamless finish to projects as they add a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Strong and secure

buva isostone threshold

BUVA IsoStone timber door thresholds feature a high strength twin-chamber glass reinforced plastic (GRP) structure that is practically unbreakable. This works with our robust timber doors to keep any unwanted intruders out, providing effective resistance and peace of mind.

Choose BUVA IsoStone for high performance timber entrance door

If you’re looking for the best finishing touches to improve the safety, performance, and overall efficiency of your new timber door, the BUVA IsoStone threshold is the perfect addition.

Türmacher offers a complete range of timber entrance door designs and styles that you can choose from. Browse our full range here, or get in touch with us here.

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